There isn’t anything the human body cannot fix. From disease to addiction, it is an intricate design that has everything it needs to thrive. The key to tapping into the powers the body holds is learning how to look at the process of physical and emotional wellness in a whole new way.

Instead of relying on traditional medications and programs to heal an addiction, holistics uses a more natural approach. It treats the whole person, not just a bunch of symptoms. This is done by utilizing everything the body has to offer, and allowing it to take over when it comes to healing what is wrong: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Holistic healing is nothing new; it has been used for centuries to cure everything from the common cold to depression. Unfortunately for many, holistic healing has not been utilized enough when it comes to healing addiction.

Elevate Addiction Services has learned the power holistics offers when it comes to breaking free from the addiction to drugs and alcohol. Beginning with a natural detoxification process, to healing the physical and emotional self, Elevate Addiction Services strives to offer the most comprehensive holistic approach to addiction help available. This revolutionary program doesn’t just treat the symptoms of addiction, but uses a natural approach to heal the mind, body and spirit by:

  • Identifying the root cause of the addiction
  • Promoting a healthy resistance to the addict’s cravings
  • Increasing self confidence
  • And strengthening the addict’s resolve by reducing the appeal of the drug or substance being abused

The Holistic Approach to Addiction Help

Using a holistic approach to addiction healing takes a multi-pronged approach, relying on many different processes to guide the patient through the path of recovery. While not every patient will utilize all of the options available, the goal at Elevate Addiction Services is to make as many options available as possible in order to give the patient what is most needed in their personal recovery journey.


When your mind is always racing and your body is riddled with the effects of drugs and alcohol, it can take some practice to learn to live in the moment. This core skill is practiced daily throughout the healing process at Elevate Addiction Services as a way to better prepare the patient for life past their dependence on drugs and alcohol.


A strong healthy body is at the key to recovery. When the body is not given the proper nutrients, it can become sluggish and unmotivated. This can lead to relapse. Understanding that the body and mind are intimately connected puts both at the forefront of the healing process. That is why individual nutritional plans are developed for every client – to give them what they need to heal properly from the inside out.


Physical fitness is at the cornerstone of rehabilitation. Exercise is a great way to strengthen the body and clear the mind. That is why Elevate Addiction Services makes so many options available to clients. From hiking in our picturesque getting to hitting the gym or enjoying a relaxing swim, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Body Rejuvenation

While in the throes of addiction, it is uncommon to give the body the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. This leads to organ and tissue damage at the cellular level, which can result in health problem. By restoring proper vitamin and mineral levels, body regulations work to:

  • Regulate the client’s mood
  • Reverse feelings of depression or stress
  • Restore the body’s ability to naturally produce serotonin and dopamine


Addiction cultivates feelings of helplessness and low self-esteem. Yoga is a wonderful tool that can be used to quiet the mind, focus better, and become better disciplined. Clients often find that regular yoga sessions help them to cultivate the inner strength and calmness that is necessary for a successful recovery.


Breathing is so natural, few people realize that the way they do it can dramatically impact the way they feel. By learning proper breathing techniques, clients learn how to relax, improve concentration and boost their energy more naturally.


Offering a sense of calm, a way to relax when stressed, and find clarity, meditation has been used successfully to help addicts fend off cravings and feel more in control of their recovery. Used even after returning home, meditation is wonderful tool that can be used to find calmness when life becomes crazy, which can help an addict stave off a relapse.


A complimentary healing help used during the early stages of recovery, therapeutic massage can help ease withdrawal symptoms and offer a peaceful way to relax during treatment.


Essential oils diffused into the air offers numerous physical and mental benefits. Those in recovery have reported that aromatherapy has helped them:

  • Relax
  • Think more clearly
  • Sleep better
  • Handle withdrawal symptoms more easily

Adventure Therapy

Finding new ways to fill leisure time and find enjoyment in everyday activities is essential to long term sobriety. Adventure Therapy offers a way for clients to discover new interests and empower themselves by challenging themselves in new ways.

Shown to be especially effective in treating addiction due to an inability to handle stress and anxiety and those who have become isolated due to hire addiction Adventure Therapy offers a unique opportunity to enjoy outside activities in a quiet and retrospective manner.

Elevate Addiction Services encourage clients to join in on a weekly day trip opportunity to reflect on the beauty of nature while  becoming empowered to overcome the daily stresses of life  without a reliance on drugs or alcohol.

Recovery from addiction is a very personal journey that often requires an individualized approach. Holistic healing helps find the right mix of healing helps to give the client exactly what is necessary to find relief form their addiction and discover the person they are meant to be.

Art & Music Therapy

It isn’t always easy to open up to a counselor; no matter how committed the client is to recovery. For those who find it difficult to share their feelings, art and music therapy gives them a non-verbal way to work through their feelings and find the help necessary to heal. Offered by a licensed therapist in each medium, art and music therapy remain some of the top treatment options chosen by Elevate clients in dealing with tough addiction issues.