Adventure Therapy

People who suffer from addiction often stay with those patterns because it’s what they know and what they have become accustomed to. Adventure therapy programs offer new thrills and excitement to replace what was provided by the drugs and alcohol. Rehab centers that use outdoor therapy programs do so because of the many benefits nature has to offer. Fresh air invigorates the body, while the challenges that a person faces during an outdoor adventure clears the mind. This encourages problem-solving skills and helps them to think through their problems instead of finding ways to avoid them or cover them up.

What Is Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy is an activity-based form of treatment that encourages the patient to explore various options and determine the best way to face an obstacle. This type of intense counseling allows each patient to uncover the part of themselves that is capable of working through a difficult situation. Patients are encouraged to participate in challenges that vary in degree of difficulty. Not only does this challenge their way of thinking, it also offers them an opportunity for growth and development on every level, physical, mental, and emotional.

How Do Adventure and Rehab Work Together?

Facing new challenges and adventures can be frightening. Each new challenge offers an opportunity to learn about oneself and how they would react in various types of situations. Combining adventure-based therapy with rehab offers the best of both worlds. The rehab offers holistic treatment options that strengthen the physical body through exercise, nutrition, and detoxification. The adventure therapy keeps the mind functioning, pushing it past the boundaries that it’s used to and forcing it to take on new challenges and work through each one.

Pushing Down the Boundaries Toward A Better Future

People who suffer from addiction put set boundaries. They can never go too far from their drug of choice and will often put up walls between themselves and the people who are trying to get them to leave their addiction behind. Adventure rehab encourages the patient to tear down those walls and push past the boundaries that keep them wallowing in their addiction. By pushing down the boundaries, they can work toward a better future, a future that is brighter and healthier than ever before.

Part of the benefit of adventure physical therapy is that the patient is also pushed to the edge of their physical limitations. When they first begin the program and the body has been weakened by the drugs and alcohol, the challenges will be much more difficult. As the drugs leave the body and the mind becomes clear, the patient will begin to push themselves farther. After a short period of time, their body begins to catch up and starts to become stronger and more resilient. It’s easier to hike the trails or climb a hill. Swimming across the lake isn’t so strenuous. A long hike clears the mind instead of winding the body.

Keeping Adventure in Their Life

Once the patient’s experience with rehab is over, many choose to keep the adventure in their life. At some point during their adventure rehab program, they begin to learn that the challenges that often accompany life can easily be handled with dedication, hard work, and some well-placed problem-solving skills. Whether the adventure has to do with a problem in the workplace or a hiking trip through the mountains, the same basic survival tools are used to assess the situation, evaluate what needs to be done, and move forward. Using the tools they learned in their adventure rehab program allows them to see things clearly and in a way that wasn’t possible when they were on drugs.

Rehab programs that combine holistic treatment options and life adventures teach their patients how to look deep inside themselves to find the best ways to handle each situation. What will work for one patient, may not work for another, but that’s the lesson. Each patient must learn what works best for them. With the right tools and support system, the patient can access their inner strength and forge ahead towards a brighter and healthier tomorrow. No two people will handle the adventure the same.

When working within a group therapy session, each patient can bring a new talent to the table that the others can learn from. Sharing and learning from one another is another way to face each challenge. It shows the patient that they aren’t alone even though their path can’t be shared. Others are always nearby and able to offer comfort. Life is an adventure. Share the challenges and live life to the fullest!