How to Stop Abusing Alcohol

In order to stop alcohol abuse, those who struggle with alcohol addiction and the people who love them need to stop ignoring the problem and bring it out into the open. Of course, one of the best ways to stop alcohol abuse is to start with prevention. But once alcohol abuse has already occurred, it’s essential that you get in touch with the placement counselors at 877-352-6329 or with our online call back form. We’re experts at matching addicts with the recovery programs most suited for themΓÇöand we’re here to support both addicts and their loved ones every day.

How to Stop Alcohol Abuse

There are two key components to learning how to stop abusing alcohol: identify and seek help. Your first objective is to notice some of the behavioral or physical side effects of alcoholism in yourself or in someone you love. These include everything from trembling and a flushed face to hiding how much one drinks from other people.

The second objective, once you suspect alcohol abuse, is to seek help. The staff members at are professional placement counselors who deal with alcoholism every day. One call to at 877-352-6329 and you’ll be on your way. We help match addicts with recovery programs, but we also help the loved ones of addicts who don’t know what to do once they suspect alcoholism. We’ll help you learn how to stage a safe and effective intervention and get you in touch with professionals who may be able to assist in the planning of the intervention.

Other Ways to Stop Alcohol Abuse

Whenever possible, prevention is how to stop alcohol abuse. Educate yourself and your loved onesΓÇöincluding teenagersΓÇöabout the side effects of alcohol addiction and the signs of those who suffer from alcoholism. Among adults who are of age, the ways to drink responsibly are:

  • Never drive drunk.
  • Don’t drink more than two drinks per day if you’re a man or one drink per day if you’re a woman. (There’s a difference in alcohol metabolism.) At the same time, everyone’s tolerance is different, so pay attention to how you react to alcohol.
  • Don’t drink to the point where you vomit or feel hungover the next day.
  • Avoid drinking in the morning or the afternoon. If you work second or third shift, avoid drinking before or during your work day. The key is to drink only when you have time to relax and unwind, a few hours before you go to bed.
  • Ask friends and loved ones to alert you if they think your drinking is getting out of hand.

If you have any questions about alcohol abuse prevention or whether your or a loved one’s behavior counts as alcohol abuse, don’t hesitate to call at 877-352-6329.

More on How to Stop Abusing Alcohol

If you have any further questions or concerns about someone you know who struggles with alcoholismΓÇöwhether that someone is you or a friend, family member or colleagueΓÇöpick up the phone and call The treatment programs we recommend are proven ways to stop alcohol abuse. It’s our goal to help place as many addicts as possible in effective recovery programs, but we can’t do that unless you first let us know there’s a problem.

Stop alcohol abuse today! Call at 877-352-6329 or let us call you by filling out our online call back form.

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