Residential Drug Rehab

Looking For the Best Residential Drug Rehabilitation Programs?

Residential Drug Rehab (or residential drug rehab treatment) is one of the most important parts of drug rehab program designed to help individuals end the cycle of long term drug addiction and alcoholism. Professional experts agree that the most effective type of drug addiction therapy are the residential drug rehab programs. Residential drug rehab programs help the drug addict return back to their native environment, where they will be able to live a healthy and normal life.

Fortunately, there are a number of residential drug rehab programs available for drug treatment of all kinds, based on personal preference and type of drug addiction an individual may be suffering from. The most important thing about a residential drug rehab program is that they allow the drug addict to get away from the stress of their daily life and focus on healing their soul. The residential drug rehab facility turns into a kind of caring barrier that protects the drug addicts from the outside force that caused them to start using drugs in the first place. When the residential drug rehabilitation process is over, the addicts will be prepared with the tools they need to avoid falling into the same patterns.

Residential drug rehab programs vary in length. Some run for about a 30 days, while others ask their patients to stay almost for a full year. The time spent in a residential drug rehab process varies according to facility, the individual, and the depth of their problem. Usually, residential drug rehab centers offer up to two different kinds of residential drug treatment programs – short term and long term residential drug rehab. It is important to know the difference between these two drug rehab programs and what it means for an addict looking for drug addiction treatment, depending on individual needs and the length, severity of his/her addiction.

Short-term residential drug rehab programs offer relatively short (<30-60 days) residential drug addiction treatment, commonly based on a few-step approach. They intensively focus on the most basic aspects of drug rehab treatment, such as detox, abstinence from drug abuse, life skills building, and recovery tools.

Long-term residential drug rehab programs focus on the same issues, but are more comprehensive over a longer period, and also tend to focus on relapse prevention and goal setting in recovery. Long-term drug treatment programs often last six months or longer, offering the drug rehab program for continuing support following the individual’s stay at the drug rehab center itself.

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