Residential Drug Rehab Programs

With so many residential drug rehab programs and treatment centers, the process of deciding which program or treatment to choose can be a daunting task. Often times, it is the families and friends of addicts who find themselves in the position of having to decide on the course of treatment for their loved ones. specializes in helping addicts and their families find a residential drug rehabilitation facility that best suits their needs and particular set of circumstances.

Experienced, Caring and Discrete Staff

At, our placement counselors are always ready to assist those needing help with addiction, and their families, locate a reputable residential drug rehab program that best fits their needs and budget. Our confidential online help gives you the option to leave your phone number or email address and request a call from us at a more convenient time.

A Nonprofit Resource to Help Those Affected by Addiction is a nonprofit drug and alcohol referral and placement service that understands the difficulties faced by those whose lives have affected by addiction. We understand taking the first steps towards getting help can be overwhelming and in some extreme cases, it can be a matter of life or death. For this reason we have made an easy to use resource for those seeking information on drug rehab programs. Visitors to our site can search our database of 3000 rehabilitation and treatment facilities by state, or search by city through our full site search engine.

The Path to Addiction Recovery Starts by Seeking Help

Finding the best drug treatment program can be an overwhelming and difficult task. While getting help for your or a loved one’s addiction is the primary concern, questions such as cost, success rate, the expertise of the program’s staff and treatment methods are all questions that must be answered before your decision is made.’s placement counselors have guided thousands of people through the process of selecting a residential drug rehab program. We know the importance of the decision you are making and are here to help answer all of your questions. Call us today and get on the road to a full and permanent recovery!