Privacy, Confidentiality and Rehabilitation

Too often the overwhelming guilt or shame stops a person seriously in the grips of drug or alcohol addiction, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In all likelihood, it’s the fear of public exposure more than anything that keeps you or your loved one from seeking the help necessary to overcome and recover. You don’t have to be afraid of that. Everyone has a right to confidential substance abuse treatment, and when you call us you’ll open the door to a world of discretion, understanding and effective treatment.

You Deserve Privacy

We have made it our mission to match people suffering with drug and alcohol addiction to the very best treatment center possible, with the confidence that through personalized care and treatment, they will leave the rehab facility a new man or woman. That said, sometimes the most important factor during recovery is privacy. Why should only famous movie stars with deep pockets be able to convalesce with the assurance that the outside world won’t interfere in their treatment? In fact, that is definitely not the case. We understand how vulnerable the patient is when he or she finally admits they need help, and our incredibly compassionate and caring placement counselors have the experience and sincerity to provide for you the best possible match in your search for a private drug or alcohol rehab center.

It makes obvious sense that patients who exist within their recovery community free from outside influences and in-tune with their own bodies and minds will walk a straighter path toward ending their substance abuse. Their focus and intent will be clearer and the dread commonly associated with public health facilities can be laid to rest. We can connect you with a rehabilitation center that will make you feel comfortable, cared for and secure. Detox and withdrawal cannot be sugar-coated: they are difficult, sometimes ugly, but they are necessary. Commit yourself to recovery with confidence in your facility’s discretion, especially at the most harrowing moments of your stay. Open up to the staff who is there to help you heal, be assured that when you hold nothing back, you need also fear nothing, not a word leaving the privacy of your session.

Achieve Lasting Recovery

We fully comprehend you or your loved one’s intense desire for privacy. Public hospitals and outpatient facilities are too open when you are ridden with fear and depression. Further, without proper funding, patients in public areas can sometimes lack state-of-the-art equipment provided in private centers, which means they are not getting the best possible treatment. Our professional and discreet counselors share your appreciation for privacy and will always hold up your standards of discretion to any facility they recommend. It’s no accident that the drug and alcohol rehab centers to which we direct patients can boast significant successes the world over for their privacy and modesty. Put your mind at ease on that account while you settle in and take on the task at hand: recovering from your addiction and finding lasting healing.