Private Alcohol Treatment and Rehab

Although some addicts do well in group therapy, there are many who prefer private alcohol treatment. Addicts who want private alcohol rehab don’t want their struggles on display for others or they just work better in individualized one-on-one environments. As an organization, has the resources to match any alcoholic with effective treatment, including private alcohol rehab programs.

Private Alcoholism Treatment Advantages

Alcoholics who engage in professionally supervised private alcohol detox get through the physical and emotional symptoms of withdrawal without the outside pressure of friends, family and colleagues. They find it easier to get through symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, stomach aches, sweating and shakiness without the whole world watching. However, it’s still important that they have the guidance of professional treatment, just in case they experience some potentially dangerous side effects, such as seizures.

Private alcoholism treatment also allows for individualized attention. A private therapist or a staff member of a private alcohol treatment center can spend the time to personalize the treatment plan for each addict’s needs. Withdrawal is not the only obstacle an addict will have to face as they get through recovery. They’ll also need to learn coping techniques in order to handle life’s stresses without resorting to alcohol. stands behind the private forms of treatment we recommend. If you or your loved one prefers private treatment, or even if you don’t know what to pick, we may recommend private treatment if we think it’s a good match. We can find private treatment to match any budget and any lifestyle.

Private Alcohol Treatment Centers

Not all forms of private rehab refer to private sessions at a general therapist’s office. There are many private alcohol rehab centers recommended by the counselors at The advantages of private alcohol treatment centers include:

  • On-site resources for alcoholic recovery, such as exercise equipment and books and videos for coping techniques.
  • On-site staff completely devoted to addiction recovery.
  • The potential for residential care.


Not all private alcohol centers offer residential care, but many do. The reason why inpatient care can be so attractive to anyone looking for private treatment is because it allows addicts to completely remove themselves from the stresses of daily life and focus on recovery for a time. They’ll have no access to alcohol during their recovery and they’ll have the freedom to adjust to withdrawal without worrying about any other responsibilities. Some inpatient centers offer medication and others do not; if you or your loved one is adamant about not using medication to treat withdrawal, we should be able to find a form of treatment for you. On the other hand, if you or they do want medication to ease the worst of withdrawal, we can find appropriate private medicated treatment as well.

Find a Private Alcohol Treatment Center

It’s difficult for those without experience to figure out which forms of private alcohol treatment work for them. Not only do you have to worry about whether or not the private alcohol rehab program is reputable, but also whether or not it’s a good match for you or your loved one. The referral counselors have the know-how necessary to find the right program for each individual.

Whatever your budget, whatever your or your loved one’s needs, we’ve got the answer. Call now by dialing 877-352-6329. We’ll also call you if you complete our online form.

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