Prevention of Alcohol Abuse

The prevention of alcohol abuse saves lives, plain and simple. Whether you’re looking to monitor your own drinking habits or you hope to encourage your kids, friends and family from overdrinking, understanding how to prevent alcohol abuse is an essential part of life. If you think that you or a loved one may already be struggling, please seek help immediately. The placement counselors at 877-352-6329 match addicts with effective treatment programs in as little as one day.

How to Prevent Alcohol Abuse

Moderation is key to alcohol abuse prevention. The typical adult male can handle about two drinks per day and the female can handle one drink per day without qualifying as an addict. However, there are a few other behaviors that can lead to abuse of alcohol:

  • Overdrinking to “get drunk,” especially when done on a regular basis.
  • Drinking a lot when you have work, school or other responsibilities the following day. Don’t drink enough to get hung over on anything but special occasions.
  • Drinking before or during your day. Wait until the end of the day when it’s time to unwind.

Teens and Prevention of Alcohol Abuse

It’s never too early to speak with your teens about alcoholism and the possibility of alcohol addiction. Remember that as much as you hope your children will avoid drinking until they’re of age, peer pressure can expose your teens to alcohol long before they’re responsible enough to handle it. Without a clear picture of the consequences of alcohol addiction, your kids could fall victim to alcohol addiction or even sudden death from as little as one instance of binge drinking.

Be open with your kids. Don’t be their friendsΓÇöbe their parentsΓÇöbut do be friendly. Outline your expectations and the consequences you’ll dole out when it comes to drinking and invite all of their questions. Stress how their safety comes first and you’d rather they contact you for a ride than drive drunk or get in the car with a drunk driver, even if that means admitting they’re drinking or with teens who are drinking. Make up a “safe phrase” so that your teen can call you and signal that they’re ready for a ride without letting their friends know what they’re doing. Remember that peer pressure means a lot for many teenagers and try your best to accommodate that by offering ways out that won’t hurt their image in their friends’ eyes. When your kids mature and understand what you’ve done for them, they’ll appreciate it, even if they don’t now.

Learning More About Prevention of Alcohol Abuse

The placement counselors are experienced in identifying those who struggle with alcohol abuse with a single phone call. Should our counselors think you or your loved one should seek assistance at a professional program, we’ll evaluate your individual situation and match you with one of the highly recommended treatment programs in our database. In the meantime, we’re happy to provide any tips for preventing further alcohol abuse.

Learn how to prevent alcohol abuse and then call at 877-352-6329 at the first sign of alcoholism in yourself or in others. You can also reach us via our online call back form. Prevention of alcohol abuse is even more essential when you suspect addiction is already a problem.

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