Information on Oxycontin Addiction Treatment and Oxycontin Rehab

Oxycontin is a commonly used pain medication that doctors prescribe to their patients when treating moderate to severe pain. While a patient is taking oxycontin, it is up to the doctor to monitor their pain levels and changes in behavior to help prevent the forming of a reliance on the pain medication. Although the majority of patients manage completely fine while using oxycontin, there are always a few that misuse the medication and, consequently, form an addiction. In cases like this, it is important to get oxycontin addiction help for a loved one as quickly as possible. Often times, there is quite a bit of damage that can be prevented to both the oxycontin addicts body and their life if an addiction is spotted early and stopped.

Oxycontin Rehab Programs

The solution is Oxycontin rehab treatment. There are many quality rehab programs for Oxycontin but finding them is a challenge. Many programs such as the non-affective 30-day programs only give false hope. Finding one that works takes experience.

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How Oxycontin Changes a Person’s Mental State

An addiction to oxycontin is more than just a change to a person’s mental state; it actually works its way in and takes hold of the body. The physical and psychological changes that take place while abusing oxycontin make the period of detoxification seem unbearable and often impossible to cope with.

When in detox, oxycontin users can expect to experience nausea, abdominal pain, muscle spasms, body chills, and many other painful withdrawal symptoms. If you have a loved one who needs to stop abusing oxycontin, it is imperative to the overall success rate that you guide them to seek help from an oxycontin addiction treatment center.

By choosing to commit your loved one to an oxycontin rehab, you not only increase their detox success rate dramatically, but also receive helpful ways to find sobriety and maintain it later in life. Oxycontin addiction treatment begins with supervised help while suffering through the withdrawal symptoms. The trained staff can help their residents understand what they will be experiencing during the detoxification, and help monitor and ease some of the pain.

Some rehab centers help control the amount of discomfort their residents feel by providing them with low doses of medication that can curve the side effects of withdrawal. Of course, nothing that they do can make it all go away, which is the reason your loved one needs to be ready to commit to the journey to sobriety.

Benefits of Oxycontin Rehab Counseling

The counseling treatment for oxycontin addicts can range from individual, group, and even family therapy. It is important for recovering oxycontin addicts to deal with the personal issues that they have in their life and find better ways to overcome and deal with those obstacles without returning to oxycontin abuse. This is the primary reason for a large focus on individual counseling.

The benefit to group counseling is that addicts are able to receive oxycontin addiction help from other recovering addicts that have gone through some of the same experiences and can better relate to some of the feelings that others in the group may have. Often times, it is easier to relate to someone who has already progressed through the same treatment and dealt with the same situations.

Family counseling has become a major part of the recovery process in oxycontin addiction treatment is because the damage that the dependence has done to the addict themselves is often times only the tip of the iceberg. There is often extensive damage done to family and friends that have watched and continually tried to reach out and help an addict while they were abusing oxycontin. Sometimes the damage is irreparable, but in most cases, both parties just need help getting started down the right path. One of the most common thoughts in the minds of an addicts loved ones is, “how are we going to know that this time it is for real?” The reason behind this doubtful thinking is that many of them travel down this road two to three times a year, if not more. They are tired of the run around and cannot bear to see their loved one fail again. There is nothing in the world that they want to see more than the successful recovery of their loved one, but they feel like the odds are not in their favor. Thankfully, with the right support, knowledgeable experts, and plenty of love, even the toughest cases can succeed.

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