Outpatient Alcohol Detox Program Protocol

Congratulations! You or your loved one is ready to seek help for alcohol addiction. Even if it’s you seeking help for someone with an alcohol addiction who’s not quite ready to seek help themselves, you should be proud of taking that first step for them. An outpatient detox program may be exactly what you or they need. Dial 877-352-6329 right now or fill out our online call back form to speak with a Drug-Rehab.org placement counselor. We’d be happy to discuss outpatient alcohol detox with you as well as other potential options.

The Outpatient Alcohol Detox Protocol

If you or your loved one sign up for outpatient treatment on our recommendation, here’s what you should expect the average program to consist of:

  • Daily, semi-daily, weekly or monthly meetings. The earlier the addict is in the recovery process, the more frequently they will likely meet for treatment.
  • Treatment at a place within commuting distance. If, on the off chance, we cannot find treatment within commuting distance, the addict may have to stay in a hotel when sessions are scheduled shortly after one another. Or we may recommend another form of treatment.
  • A “sponsor” system. The addict may have access to their support network between sessions.

Among outpatient treatments, there are still multiple possible protocols. For example, one treatment type may rely on medications to help wean the addict off of alcohol and another may be strictly medication-free. One type may involve individual treatment sessions, another group sessions and still another both individual and group sessions. Some forms of outpatient treatment meet at rehab centers and professionals in community centers lead others.

Outpatient Alcohol Detox Advantages

Quite a few people thrive in the outpatient environment and there are a number of reasons why you or your loved one may thrive, too. The most obvious of which is that the addict can go home between treatment sessions in most cases. If the addict is still able to “function” in everyday lifeΓÇöthey can still go to work or school or perform other responsibilitiesΓÇötaking time off may prove financially unbearable or it may risk the addict losing their job. With outpatient treatment, the addict can continue to perform their responsibilities.

Of course, outpatient treatment is not the only treatment we recommend. If, on closer examination, the outpatient alcohol detox protocol doesn’t seem like something that would suit you or your loved one, don’t worry about a thing. Get on the phone with a Drug-Rehab.org counselor at 877-352-6329 and let us match you with another form of treatment.

Signing Up for an Outpatient Detox Program

Don’t waste even a moment of your time searching for an outpatient detox program in your area. The Drug-Rehab.org placement counselors have all the expertise necessary to find the outpatient alcohol detox treatment that’s most likely to serve your or your loved one’s needs. Plus, we’re an organization and our primary goal is to help people just like you: addicts and their loved ones who need a guiding hand.

What are you waiting for? Call us now at 877-352-6329 or we can call you! Just fill out our call back form.

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