There Are Alternatives to 12-Step Programs

The traditional 12-step drug rehabilitation programs simply don’t work for everyone struggling with the horrors of addiction. In the event that a 12-step program fails, they may wonder, “What else is out there? There must be something that can help me.” In fact, there is. Whether it’s you or someone you dearly love who is abusing drugs or alcohol, speaking to one of our helpful placement counselors can get you in contact with an effective treatment facility and be the spark that sets the addict on their way to recovery. If you feel that something more than a credo that reinforces blame and testimonials in a group setting is necessary, if you feel that nurturing and healing, both the spirit and the body, is a better formula for success, then make that phone call.

How it’s Different

Rehabilitation programs for alcoholics and drug users, which adhere to a non-traditional approach, have a higher success rate with their graduates than 12-step programs, despite the directly opposite theory for recovery. Staff members, who are both experienced with addiction to alcohol and narcotics, follow programs that have taken decades of development, with a focus on holistic aspects. A traditional 12-step program puts labels on members, such as “potential addict for life,” and then strips them of their inherent self-control and the power to make decisions for themselves. The traditional 12-step program insists upon group meetings and seems to imply that missing one will lead the recovering addict back down the path of alcoholism or drug use. The alcoholic or drug addict in a 12-step program might feel as though he or she is walking a tight rope that hovers over relapse. Nontraditional rehabilitation facilities understand that this is detrimental to recovery.

Call Us ΓÇô You’re Worth It

By calling one of our placement counselors, you will receive an explanation as to why treating addicts as victims who will never be strong enough to choose for themselves does not work. You will also learn about non-12-step drug rehab facilities that are widely renowned for their empowerment of the individual as part of the holistic treatment. Given time, addicts who apply themselves to their recovery at these facilities can return to a normal, happy life, free of drugs. Programs which detoxify their bodies, emphasize fitness and nutrition, and explore the psychological reasons for his or her involvement with the substance in the first place are just the start; from there, patients move on toward healing therapy and lessons in coping, both with their addictive behavior and the significant life changes to come ΓÇô that is, reintroduction to normal life, where they can be productive, healthy and happy.

If traditional 12-step programs haven’t worked for you or your loved one, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call and finding out for yourself why the alternatives are often-times recommended as the best that are out there.