Methadone Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centers

Methadone addiction treatment centers are continuing to grow across the nation. We’ll help you find the best one for your particular situation.

If you have a loved one who is addicted to methadone, it is important to seek help immediately. Every day that a methadone addiction continues, the damage done to the body gets worse. Some of the signs that your loved one is addicted to methadone include complaining about nonexistent pain in order to get a higher dosage, trying to see multiple doctors to secure additional prescriptions, consuming more than the prescribed dose, or mixing methadone with alcohol or other drugs. Of course some people are better at hiding their addiction than others, which is why it is always a good idea to keep a close eye on anyone in your life that is currently involved with or thinking to use the methadone treatment.

Once a methadone addiction has been determined, it is time to look into methadone rehab. The possibility of your loved one being able to make it through the withdrawal symptoms alone is slim to none. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that should be expected range from severe pain, anxiety, sweating, insomnia, and depression. Alone, many of these withdrawals can become severe enough to send any addict back to using their drug, but all of them combined are unbearable to even the strongest people, no matter how badly they want to detoxify.

A methadone treatment program always begins with detoxifying your loved one. There are two different ways that the methadone treatment centers detoxify their residents. The first way is by slowly lowering the amount of methadone consumed on a daily basis. The down side to this method is that your loved one will go through all of those withdrawals. The second option for your loved one is to go through the detoxification process while being unconscious in the hospital. One of the biggest benefits to this method is that the hospital staff is able to monitor all of the symptoms and treat them without your loved one feeling any of the pain or discomfort. This type of detoxification process is quicker than the more traditional method that can take a month or two before the withdrawal symptoms are completely gone.

Once the detoxification is complete, it is time for the methadone treatment to start working on the more psychological aspect of fighting the methadone addiction. Your loved one will need to understand that they are not alone in the struggle against methadone addiction. Many recovering addicts can offer support, understanding, and advice to other recovering addicts in order to help them on their lifetime struggle to maintain sobriety. can recommend a methadone treatment center that fits your particular needs. Although methadone was originally created as a pain medication, it has since transitioned into a substitute drug for people who are addicted to heroin and other opiates. When severe opiate drug addicts enter rehab, they have the option of fighting their addiction to natural drugs with the substitution of a synthetic drug, methadone. Even though this sounds like a strange option, people choose to do this because they are informed that the side effects of methadone are completely different and easier to handle than the original opiate. Those who choose this route are on a strictly monitored methadone dosage in order to function like normal in society. However, many are not able to maintain their prescribed dosage and fall into their old addiction habits, but with a much more potent drug.

Rehab facilities continue to use methadone as a substitute for heroin and other opiate treatment programs because of the ease of administration and monitoring, when done right. Methadone, in the pill form, can have lasting effects up to 24 hours, which means that rehab nurses only have to worry about administering the drug once a day. The reason that rehab centers refuse to take the methadone treatment off the market is that it really works for some people and helps a few addicts take back control of their lives. On the other hand, these rehab facilities still need to consider all of the individuals who have slipped further into their addiction, or worse, because of the switch to methadone.

The solution is to end methadone addiction. Call today to learn more about your options.