How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member

Learning how to help an alcoholic family member is more difficult than you might think. When someone you love suffers from alcoholism, their addiction affects the people closest to them and many times, they drink more to ignore the pain they are causing. You may find it hard to step outside of the situation and speak with your loved one about the problem without getting emotional, which may cause your best intentions to backfire. So give a call; we guide family members of alcoholics through the process of getting their loved one to effective treatment every day.

Effective Alcoholism Help for Family Members

To understand how to help a family member with alcoholism, you have to understand what’s ineffective. Do not do the following:

  • Yell or scream at your loved one
  • Tolerate abuse from your loved one, emotionally or physically
  • Nag your loved one constantly, even if you feel they should do better
  • Ask your loved one to get alcoholism treatment alone
  • Drink in front of your loved one (temptation during recovery puts a large strain on an addict)
  • Tell your loved one how disappointed you are

Whenever the situation is hostile, walk away. If you have to leave the house to do so, call a friend, grab your keys or call a taxi and leave. Be aware that the reason why you can’t get your loved one to overcome alcoholism alone is simply because you are too close to the situation. Your feelings are likely to bubble up during the most difficult times and come across as critical, nagging and overwhelming to the alcoholic. When an alcoholic feels pressured, they’re even more likely than ever to turn to drinking. In essence, what you feel may be the right thing to do can actually be wrong.

How to Help a Family Member with Alcoholism

When you offer alcoholism help for family members, you need to wait until the alcoholic has calmed down and is better able to understand your feelings. Do not confront them alone, either. Stage an intervention with loved ones and family members. Call to learn how to get your feelings across to the alcoholic without seeming critical or adding extra pressure to the situation.

You need help, too. After dealing with the frustration of seeing a loved one turn to alcohol and all of the problems addiction has caused for both you and them, you could use a break from the situation. Let the rehab placement counselors tell you how you can get help for yourself during this difficult time.

Learning How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member

At, our organization aims to help as many alcoholics and as many family members of alcoholics as we can. But we can’t help you and teach you how to help an alcoholic family member unless you take that first step. You don’t have to let your alcoholic loved one know you’re getting in touch with us just yet. We’ll be happy to be the professional support you need to get your loved one into the treatment they need.

Call us now! We’re always here for you at 877-352-6329. You can also reach us online. Fill out our call back form and then we’ll call you.

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