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When considering a drug or alcohol treatment program, holistic detox should be something that you are aware of. Call us today if you for more information on this unique detox method. It could be the critical factor in your or your loved one’s success. While many facilities across the US recognize that helping patients to overcome withdrawal symptoms is a necessary step to a successful recovery, most of these centers don’t take the physical aspects of the drug addiction any further. Once the primary withdrawal symptoms are over, they move on to therapy and education. All too often, their patients are released ΓÇöapparently successful in completing their programΓÇö only to relapse. The treatment programs we refer are more successful than most because their medical teams works hard to address the long term physical effects of drug and alcohol abuse on their patients, through a carefully designed holistic detoxification program.

Why is detoxification required if the patient has overcome withdrawal symptoms? The answer is simple, although difficult to address without the state of the art facilities that our programs offer. When people abuse drugs or alcohol, especially for an extended period of time, their body acts as a repository for toxic residues that can linger for years. Traces of drugs and other substances can be stored in the body’s fatty tissue and end up being released into the bloodstream years after someone thinks they’ve kicked their habit, only to lead to intense cravings for the substance that caused them such grief. Without holistic drug detox to remove these residues, people who have successfully completed a drug or alcohol rehab program are at risk of experiencing overpowering withdrawal-like symptoms long after graduation, relapsing and falling back into the trap of addiction. It can be a vicious cycle and one made even more terrible because of the fact that the affected person was on the track to regaining their life before being knocked back down again.

After years of research, teams of addiction experts came to the conclusion that when it comes to detox holistic is the best approach. They use natural, holistic methods that eliminate residual toxins from the body as quickly as possible. Their patients undergo a program at preeminent detox facility locations that are designed to draw the substances out of the fatty tissue through various methods that may include rigorous exercise and nutritional supplements such as essential minerals and vitamins. The net result of this program is that the drug residues are mobilized and eliminated from the body, providing the patient with a much better chance at long term recovery. Not only do their patients feel better physically after completing a holistic detox program, they are more confident about the rest of their treatment because they know their body isn’t concealing a ticking time bomb that could sabotage their success at some point in the future.

If you feel that you or someone you love would benefit from such rehab facilities, including holistic alcohol detox or drug detox programs, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us now and speak to one of our caring placement counselors.

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