Heroin Addiction Treatment Options

With millions of people in US abusing this highly addictive opiate, heroin treatment is something that is in high demand at drug rehab facilities. We offer a program that has gained a national reputation over the past decade for being among the very best at finding the right rehab for each individual.

Heroin (also known by street names such as smack, horse, junk, White China and H) is not a drug that is easy to quit and people who try to go it on their own usually fail. There are severe withdrawal symptoms that begin only hours after an addict’s last fix and continue for days. Even if they make it this long without giving up, some users face weeks to months of extended withdrawal (PAWS or post-acute withdrawal syndrome). There are many heroin treatment options available, but not every program is equally effective. We have been refering unique heroin treatments that are proven to work since 2002, offering thousands of users and their families an escape from the nightmare of addiction. The treatment centers we recommend don’t just help users to kick their habit, they provide a path for staying clean in the long term.

Anyone who has worked in a facility offering treatment for heroin addiction knows that withdrawal is an incredibly unpleasant experience and one of the primary reasons why people give up and drop out of rehab is that they cannot get past withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms typically include depression and anxiety, insomnia, severe aches and body pain, sweating, running nose, acute stomach pains accompanied by diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and a fever. The programs we refer people to include often include medically supervised heroin withdrawal treatment, ensuring that patients are as comfortable as possible during the days and weeks after they stop using the drug. Once a patient has completed this detox phase and is free of withdrawal symptoms, they stand a much better chance of completing the program and returning to a normal life. Not all programs offer the same degree of support during withdrawal, but we can refer you to one of them.

Many of the facilities we recommend are unique among heroin treatment options not only because of the support during withdrawal and the addiction treatment program itself, but also because of the emphasis they put on the future. In fact, staff are highly trained and highly experienced ΓÇöexperts in the field of addiction treatment. They recognize the fact that relapse is a big concern with most rehab clinics and they designed our program ensure patients are truly ready to face the challenges of the outside world. We will also recommend options such as outpatient support therapy, providing the support that helps to ensure long term recovery. When it comes to treatment heroin addicts and their families benefit from having access to the resources and counseling programs that we refer. Heroin addicts and their families who turn to us to help them find unique treatment not only break the addiction cycle and resume a normal life, they stay clean.