Help for Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction can make a person feel like they’ve lost control of their lives. The alcoholic’s loved ones may also feel overwhelmed by the problems that come along with alcoholism. Our drug rehab placement counselors at want you to know that help for alcoholism is mere minutes away. All you have to do is pick up the phone or fill out our online form. Once you get in touch with us, we’ll guide you through the available options you or your loved one have for treatment.

Help with Alcoholism Problems

Alcoholism affects the health of the alcoholic, both physically and emotionally. Long-term side effects of consistent alcohol use include increased risk for cancer, heart disease, stroke, nerve damage and organ failure. Alcoholics can also become moody or engage in dangerous activities because they lack the ability to make rational judgments while under the influence. Another problem caused by alcoholism is a retreat from the responsibilities and joys of everyday life. Alcoholics may be consistently late for work, school, family and friend activities.

Another problem with alcoholism is that quitting isn’t easy due to the effect of alcohol creating a chemical addiction in the body and causing physical and emotional withdrawals after the individual stops drinking. Quitting on your own can be especially difficult because fighting cravings during withdrawal is oftentimes when the individual will relapse. At, we believe that getting alcoholics help as quickly as possible is the best way to guide them to effective recovery.

Kinds of Help with Alcoholism

The first kind of help that any good alcohol rehab program offers is simply getting the alcoholic through alcohol withdrawal. Withdrawal is an uncomfortable period during recovery, and is the time when the addict is most likely to start drinking again. When seeking professional help with alcoholism, you can count on an easier time through withdrawal.

The second kind of help is offering the addict coping techniques for times when they feel stressed out or overwhelmed so that they don’t turn to alcohol again. These are especially important in outpatient programs, since the addict returns home between sessions, but they also attend in inpatient programs.

Another kind of help that some programs offer more thoroughly than others is building life skills. Once you take the addiction away from the addict, they can sometimes feel lost and empty. Alcohol recovery programs that recognize this do their best to help addicts fill in the void. This may involve teaching addicts learning skills and helping them boost their self-confidence. It can also involve guiding them through a viable career plan.

Getting Help for Alcoholism

When you or a loved one suffers from alcohol addiction, you have so many things on your mind that you probably feel overwhelmed just wondering where to start. Let us step in and guide you or your loved one to the first steps in recovery. Our organization began as a free service to offer help for alcoholism; let us extend that help to you.

Reach us today 877-352-6329. You can also have us call you instead. Just complete our online form.

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