Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

What’s the difference between seeking alcohol and drug treatment programs for you or a loved one on your own and seeking help from a professional referral counselor? Perhaps the difference is between a success and a disappointment. The drug rehab placement counselors have matched numerous addicts with programs that proved successful. Our organization makes a real difference in the lives of addicts every day.

The Drug Alcohol Rehab Program Difference

Alcohol and drug addictions create a chemical imbalance in the body. Even while the addict’s body is taking in the substances, addicts continue abusing substances because of this chemical imbalance; to quit on one’s own is virtually impossible. Some addicts must remove themselves from all temptation for drug and alcohol rehab programs to be effective and to truly stop themselves from giving in to their addiction. Still, others can find recovery with an outpatient alcohol and drug rehab program, but the difference is that the program offers them a support network on which to fall back during difficult times.

Another reason to opt for a professional alcohol and drug treatment program is the fact that withdrawal symptoms are both uncomfortable and sometimes even potentially dangerous. Withdrawing from addiction under the careful supervision of medical professionals is the safest route. In some cases, treatment can ease symptoms and end them earlier, too.

Still another reason to turn to and request treatment at a drug alcohol rehab program is the family and friend support; while helpful at times, it always has potential of causing more damage than positive outcomes. Addicts feel criticized when confronted by friends and family. Friends and family might allow their emotions to take over and act out negatively in frustration. We’ll step in and help teach friends and family members how to guide their loved one to treatment in a positive manner.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Types

There are many different types of alcohol drug treatment programs. You’ll find that all of the ones we recommend at have high success rates when matched properly with the right person. We have the expertise to match addicts with the drug alcohol rehab programs most suitable for their recovery. For example, some addicts might thrive with inpatient or medicated treatment, while others need outpatient or non-medicated treatment. Some prefer group therapy, some prefer private therapy and others need a combination of the two. Don’t try to guess which program will work best; let us match you or your loved one with the right kind of program.

Starting with an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program

You have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting We’re here to listen to your story about your own or your loved one’s struggles with alcoholism or drug addiction. We’ll offer you the best alcohol and drug treatment programs we can find and we may be able to get you or your loved one into the program as quickly as the same day. There’s no obligation, but we’re sure you’ll find that the programs we recommend to you or your loved one hold the best chance at recovery.

Pick up the phone and dial 877-352-6329 now. We’re also available to call you; just fill out our online call back form.

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