Treatment for Codeine Addiction and Codeine Withdrawal

Most of us don’t think much about codeine, other than noticing it listed as an ingredient in cold medicine. Did you know, though, that addiction to codeine could happen with regular intake of the drug over a two- to three-week period, resulting in the need for treatment for codeine addiction? Because of its use in over-the-counter medications, most users simply don’t understand how easily addiction can happen. They aren’t your typical addicts, either, making the need for information about the addiction and options for codeine addiction treatment more important than ever., a nonprofit drug and alcohol rehab referral service, can help you learn more about codeine addiction and find the appropriate treatment for you or a loved one’s specific situation.

Signs of Codeine Addiction

If you or a loved one crave the drug and focus activity around getting and taking it, codeine addiction has happened. The increased intake of codeine results in feelings of restlessness and nausea, and abnormal breathing and loss of consciousness can occur. Immediate and long-term effects of codeine addition include tiny pupils and blurred vision; lowered heart rate, blood pressure and breathing; convulsions; hallucinations; damage to the stomach, kidney and liver; constipation; depression; and seizures. It is important to contact us for a codeine treatment referral before the addiction takes an irreversible toll.

Codeine Addiction Treatment Directory

The directory has more than 3,000 resources for the treatment for codeine addiction, from intervention specialists to treatment facilities. Because of our many years of experience in matching addicts to addiction treatment facilities, we can discuss with you or your loved one the particular situation and make referrals resulting in the best possible chance for recovery. We will want to discuss length and severity of the addiction and you or your loved one’s financial situation, plus the location in which the codeine withdrawal treatment should take place. Some addicts prefer to stick close to home, where friends and family can provide support, while others find it necessary to leave behind familiarity in order to heal.

Contact Us as Soon as Possible

The longer you or your loved one waits to enter treatment for codeine addiction, the stronger a hold the codeine has both mentally and physically. To speak with a placement counselor immediately, call now. Your counselor will discuss the situation fully with you and make referrals based on the information you provide. You can also request a callback by filling out the contact form on this page and throughout By entering your name, phone number and email address, you will request that one of our counselors contact you by phone. All calls and requests for callbacks are kept strictly confidential. We do not give, sell or rent your information to anyone under any circumstances.

Codeine Addiction Treatment Resources

In addition to the referral service we offer at, we are also proud of our online presence and the information it provides to codeine addicts and their loved ones. On our codeine resources page, you will find extensive information about the drug, plus success stories from those who have used our service to find the codeine addiction treatment they need. These stories serve to inform and inspire, and they often are the final push an addict needs to reach out for help. For example, one story from a mother who sought a referral for her son talks about first noticing that he was “on” something and how we provided her son with a placement at a treatment facility within mere hours. Her son is now a clean and sober college student, thanks to the help we directed him toward and his hard work.

More About

Just as not all addicts and addictions are the same, neither are all addiction treatment centers. Because we have many years of experience (2002 to present) within the addiction treatment field, we know from experience its many options. We can match you or your loved one to a treatment center that specializes in your type of addiction and has a proven success rate for that addiction. When you allow us to do what we do best, provide referrals to and placement in the appropriate treatment center, you or your loved one is given the best possible chance for recovery.