Proven Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers and Facilities

Alcoholism causes many people to lose their way in life. A proven alcohol rehab program can help those suffering from this powerful addiction to return to the sober life they once lived. Finding a successful program can prove difficult, though, which is where comes into the picture.
We are a nonprofit drug and alcohol rehab program referral and placement service that helps alcoholics and/or their loved ones wade through the many alcohol treatment centers available to find an appropriate one with proven success rates.

Alcohol Treatment Facilities Directory

There are more than 3,000 alcohol rehab treatment centers and professionals in our directory, each one ready to help you or your loved one to heal at a personalized pace and to develop the skills necessary to live a healthy and sober life outside of the alcohol rehab center. There is no cost to use our alcohol rehab referral service, which takes into consideration many factors when providing referrals, such as you or a loved one’s location, financial situation, whether or not drug addiction is also an issue, and other issues.

Contact Us Regarding Alcohol Treatment

If you or a loved one are in need of alcohol rehab, simply call to speak to one of our caring placement counselors. The counselor will discuss the many alcohol rehab programs located nearby you or your loved one, or the counselor can provide referrals to alcohol treatment facilities in other areas of the country if distance from familiar surroundings and temptations ΓÇô and enablers ΓÇô will help with the healing process.
You also can fill out the contact form available on this page and throughout the website to request a call back from a placement counselor at a time convenient for you. The form asks for a contact name, phone number, an email address and a message. When you make contact in this way, trust in our confidentiality as we never give, sell or rent contact information from anyone seeking our help.

Learn More About Alcohol Treatment Centers and Alcoholism

If you or your loved one is not yet ready to make contact with for a referral, we offer extensive information about inpatient alcohol treatment, outpatient alcohol treatment and issues relating to treatment in general. Alcoholics and their loved ones will find resources such as “The Top 5 Reasons Interventions Fail,” “8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Residential Rehab” and “Addiction. Is it Really a Disease?” Many drug addictions are also defined in detail, providing you with more information about dual addictions.
“The Top 5 Reasons Interventions Fail” has helped many a loved one understand why seeking professional help as early in the process as possible results in the most success. The number one reason on this list is “Failure to use a professional.” When loved ones confront an alcoholic, it is easy to let unresolved issues and/or unrelated issues derail the intervention into a more painful situation than necessary or helpful, one that that does not result in the alcoholic agreeing to enter an alcohol treatment facility. Referrals to professional interventionists are among the resources offers.

Alcohol Rehab Success Stories

Another helpful resource for those not yet ready to make contact with is our many success stories. Listed on the site, these stories inspire and inform. For example, one woman talks about how her husband’s nightcap evolved into multiple drinks before bed each night, resulting in his alcoholism. This loved one was more than eager to share her husband’s success with others, so that you or your loved one may too find the help needed to regain sobriety and live a happier, healthier life.

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Founded in 2002, is part of a nonprofit campaign with the goal of helping those in need alcohol rehab treatment. Whether it is you or a loved one that needs help beating an addiction to alcohol, or an addition to alcohol and drugs, we can provide referrals and placement to proven alcohol treatment facilities. There are thousands of alcohol treatment centers options in the country, and we can help you find the one right for your particular situation as we know the facilities better than any other referral and placement service available.