Alcohol Intervention Tips and Strategies

Planning an alcohol intervention can be one of the noblest things you ever do. Interventions have the power to turn lives aroundΓÇöto even save lives. However, an intervention can also be an uphill battle. Plan ahead with some proven alcohol intervention strategies so that the intervention you hold for someone you love will wind up a success. The placement counselors are always willing to provide some alcohol intervention tips at 877-352-6329 when you’re looking to get a loved one into treatment.

Alcohol Intervention Strategies

In the case of an alcohol intervention, the best offense is a good defense. Your “offense” is cajoling the alcoholic into treatment so that they have a chance at a new life. However, in the case of an intervention, you can’t just launch into an offensive attack; this will only lead to an angry outburst and cause the alcoholic to retreat further into him or herself. Instead, you need to prepare your defense. Prepare for your loved one to be surprised and in denial.

Some of the ways in which you can prepare your defense include:

  • Pointing out alcoholic behaviors. If your loved one denies having a problem with alcohol, point to behaviors you’ve observed. This could include physical side effects such as frequent vomiting as well as behavioral effects such as frequently missing work.
  • Directing the focus to the alcoholic’s welfare. Alcoholism affects friends and family, too, and you should let your loved one know that. However, an alcoholic may take that as an attack. Try to emphasize how first and foremost you want your loved one to seek treatment for themselvesΓÇöbut also point out that everyone else will be happier and healthier when they no longer have to worry about them.
  • Discussing treatment options. Your loved one may not like the idea of certain kinds of alcoholic treatment, but let them know that there are many forms of successful treatment. If you need help building a list of treatment options, look no further than the counselors, whom you can call at 877-352-6329.

Additional Alcohol Intervention Tips

A few simple tips to keep in mind during the intervention can go a long way to ensuring the intervention’s success. These include:

  • Remain calm during the intervention. Sadness is okay, but avoiding anger is key.
  • Prepare with the group attending the intervention ahead of time if possible so that you’re all on the same page.
  • Bring in professional help if possible to have someone with experience mediate the proceedings. Call the placement counselors at 877-352-6329 for help making that professional connection.

Learning More Alcohol Intervention Strategies

The placement counselors know better than anyone that every addict is an individual in need of a personalized approach for treatment. Don’t let yourself or your loved one get “boxed in” to what you may think is the only form of available treatment. Call our placement counselors before, during or after the intervention to learn how we can match you or your loved one with the perfect form of treatment.

Reach now at 877-352-6329 for alcohol intervention strategies that work! You can also get in touch with us online for alcohol intervention tips via our call back form.

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