Alcohol Family Intervention for Alcoholism

Offering an alcoholic the chance at a fresh start is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Though it seems difficult, sometimes all you need to do is sit down and have a talk with them in an alcohol family intervention. It’s not enough to hope your loved one understands your feelings; this is one time when you need to state those feelings of worry aloud. However, you can’t just confront the addict you love without a plan, as this could backfire, even despite the best of intentions. Speak to the placement counselors at 877-352-6329 or via our online form and learn how to stage an effective intervention.

The Family Intervention Alcoholism Requires

In a perfect world, you’d tell an addict that they need help and they would follow your advice. Unfortunately, reality is not that easy. Alcoholics require a united front; they need their family to be firm but not aggressive in their message. However, any discussion of alcoholism is bound to seem like an attack, especially when they hear it from an entire group of their family members. It’s up to the family members to remain calm and persistent without becoming confrontational. Don’t let the alcoholic manipulate the situation. If you continue to ignore the problem, your loved one will be at greater and greater risk for serious consequences, such as illness and loss of workΓÇöif they’re not at that point already. Plan your family alcohol intervention ahead of time and call the counselors at 877-352-6329 if you need any tips or support.

Planning a Family Alcohol Intervention

To hold the type of family intervention alcoholism requires, plan ahead with the other members of your support group. If you have a game plan, you’re less likely to lose your cool during the proceedings. An effective intervention will touch on a few important points:

  • Why you’re there. Stress how you’re holding an intervention to help your loved one above all. Discuss a few symptoms of alcoholism that you’ve observed in your loved one.
  • What alcoholism can do. Tell your loved one that you want them to be around for many years to come. Discuss how alcoholism can lead to ill health and death.
  • How alcoholism affects all of you. Alcoholism never affects just the alcoholic. Show your loved one that alcoholism isn’t just their problem, but do keep the focus on how much you want your loved one to get better for their own sake.
  • Treatment options. Point your loved one to the placement counselors at counselors know how to effectively match each individual to the best type of treatment for them.

Learning More About Alcohol Family Intervention

The alcohol family intervention is much like any other intervention, although there are a few issues that affect alcoholics more than other addicts. The most important of these is that alcohol withdrawal can prove potentially more damaging to the body than narcotic withdrawal so it’s especially important that alcoholics seek professional help on their journey to recovery. That’s where the placement counselors step in. Let us match your loved one with the best form of treatment for them.

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