Addiction to Alcohol

Addiction to alcohol can ruin the life of the alcoholic and the lives of people they love. Declining health, emotional outbursts and unruly or even dangerous behavior can cause you to seek help for alcohol addiction for yourself or someone about whom you care. If you don’t know where to start or even if you have a few ideas but don’t know what kind of treatment would most effectively help you or your loved one, contact the drug rehab placement counselors at We match addicts with compatible recovery programs.

Alcohol and Addiction

Alcohol addictions are about more than a person refusing to quit; alcoholics feel that they physically cannot stop. Alcoholics become chemically dependent on alcohol, so when an individual drinks alcohol, the foreign substance creates a chemical reaction in the body. The body releases excessive amounts of endorphins and dopamine that “numb the pain” and “feel good” even if they don’t act happy when they’re under the influence.

The alcoholic uses alcohol for that “up” feeling again and again, eventually damaging the body’s balance. In time, the high gets more and more difficult for the alcoholic to achieve. Instead, their body becomes ill whenever the alcoholic doesn’t drink. In order to feel okay, an alcoholic believes they need to drink since that’s what their body signals are telling them.

Battling Alcohol Addictions

As much as the alcoholic’s body screams out for more alcohol, the addict can quit as long as they do so under professional supervision. The nature of alcohol and addiction can sometimes lead to dangerous side effects during the withdrawal process, especially if the alcoholic has a long history with alcohol.

Early on in the withdrawal process, alcoholics feel their most physically sick. Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, shakiness and stomach upset. After two weeks of physical illness, emotional conditions, such as depression, anxiety and irritability become the problem. Many alcoholics find it too difficult to wade through the side effects of withdrawal and the temptation of drinking more alcohol, which is why it’s so essential that you or your loved one seek professional help throughout the process.

Let us find out whether outpatient or inpatient, medicated or drug-free, private or group therapy would work for you. At, we have all of the resources necessary to match an individual with the rehab program that works best for their needs. The most important thing is that you realize we will find you a place that works for you or your loved one, so don’t give up hope.

Getting Alcohol Addiction Help

At, we take the guesswork out of finding alcohol addiction help. Since you or your loved one is going through enough of a trying time already dealing with addiction to alcohol, let us help relieve some of the stress for you. We’ll match you or your loved one up with the best available treatment options quickly so that rehab can start fast and have the maximum impact.

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