Alcohol Abuse Treatment

An addiction to alcohol can be devastating for the person with the addiction as well as the people who love that person. Science has taught that addiction isn’t a matter of want or will. It’s not about having less willpower, or even having no desire to change. It’s a brain condition that requires treatment to overcome.

Whether that addiction is to drugs, alcohol, or something else, the best odds for success come with seeking treatment at alcohol rehab centers that offer a patient-focused system of treatment, like you’ll find at Elevate Addiction Services.

We understand that the decision to seek help for addiction is not one that is made lightly. We work with you not only to help you overcome your addiction through the rehab process, but also to ensure that you leave alcohol rehab ready to face the world without the strain of addiction weighing you down.

What are the Key Components of an Effective Alcoholism Treatment Program?

At Elevate, our alcohol rehab program is conducted in four stages:

  • Phase I: Detox
  • Phase II: Physical Health and Wellness
  • Phase III: Emotional Healing and Transformation
  • Phase IV: Aftercare

The first three phases last approximately 30 days each, though this varies somewhat from patient to patient and situation to situation. Aftercare is an ongoing process that will continue long after initial phases of treatment have ended.

We offer holistic detox services with the dedicated purpose of helping our patients experience a comfortable detoxification process as their bodies adjust to the absence of alcohol in their systems. Both our alcohol treatment centers will prescribe medication to help patients get through the most difficult symptoms of withdrawal, the focus is on holistic, natural healing rather than using harsh chemicals to help the body recover and begin to heal.

Individualized Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Some facilities adopt a cookie-cutter approach to treating addiction of any kind. We firmly believe that each patient is a unique individual and each addiction is unique. No two experiences going through life, addiction, or recovery or identical. That is why we offer an individualized approach to treading alcohol addiction.

No one is pushed through a phase of treatment to maintain a certain number of days. We allow each patient to progress at his or her own pace with specific goals set for each treatment phase.

We offer non-12-step programs for recovery from alcohol addiction. Our addiction services have been accredited by The Joint Commission, a national not-for-profit organization that offers accreditations for health care organizations throughout the United States.

Helping Alcohol Treatment Happen

If you have a loved one that is reluctant to get the help he or she so desperately needs, we can even arrange for intervention services for alcohol and other addictions. While it doesn’t always have the successful outcome you’re looking for, you know, all too well, that the next time your loved drinks too much, it could prove fatal.

Interventionists are trained to identify probable emotional triggers that will let your family member know how his or her alcohol addiction affects the people he or she cares about most and we can often find success in our efforts, where you may not be able to, because we’re an impartial third party and not as emotionally invested.

Once treatment begins it is up to the patient to do his or her part to succeed in overcoming alcohol addiction, but also up to our staff and you, as part of the patient’s support system. Without a dedicated system of support standing behind the patient, most are destined for failure, no matter how many different alcohol rehab centers the patient visits.

Residential or Outpatient Rehabilitation?

It isn’t even always necessary for you to look for “alcohol rehab near me” to help your loved one get treatment. Sometimes, residential programs that offer distance are the ideal solutions. These allow the patients an opportunity to focus on themselves while seeking treatment without worrying about family, work, and other things that may cause stress and delay progress.

Unfortunately, residential programs aren’t always a good fit for everyone. Some can’t afford to take the time off work. We understand this, too, and offer outpatient treatments and services for alcohol addiction designed to help patients get the support and guidance they need to overcome their dependence with sessions scheduled for evening hours when they aren’t at work.

For those who are committed to ending the cycle of addiction and eliminating their need for alcohol either program can be highly effective. The residential rehabilitation program, though does, offer more intensive therapies than outpatient programs can deliver.

Left untreated, alcoholism can lead to a wide variety of problems. From physical health problems related to too much exposure to alcohol over a prolonged period of time to more immediate health risks associated with alcohol poisoning, drinking and driving, and reckless behavior that often occurs along with alcohol abuse. If your loved one is suffering from an alcohol addiction, now is the time to seek help and Elevate Addiction Services is glad to help.