Residential Alcohol Treatment and Rehabilitation: Choosing Residential Alcohol Rehab Programs

Alcoholism consumes the life of an addict. He drinks constantly, lives to get his next drink “fix” and starts slipping away from real life fun and responsibilities. Residential alcohol rehab programs are built around the principle that an addict must similarly allow recovery to consume her life for a short amount of time. The residential alcohol treatment programs that we at recommend allow an addict to focus on her recovery without distractions, temptations and overwhelming pressure.

Residential Alcohol Rehabilitation vs. Outpatient Programs

When we evaluate the needs of you or your loved one and recommend an alcohol rehab residential program, we believe that the full-time care offered by alcohol residential treatment is key to recovery. Outpatient programs allow the addict to return to a private residence and everyday life between sessions. Unfortunately for many addicts, it’s that home and everyday life where they’re bombarded by the temptation of alcohol. They face added pressure from loved ones and co-workers who want them to “hurry up and get better.” They’re stressed by the responsibilities they face while trying to juggle recovery.

Residential alcohol rehabilitation programs allow the addict to focus on getting betterΓÇöat his own pace. Patients of residential alcohol rehab programs concentrate on dealing with the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms of detoxification. With no access to alcohol and no other stressors about which to worry, the chances for relapse are slim.

The Benefits of Residential Alcohol Rehab Programs

Residential alcohol treatment programs do not just detox patients. The rest of the time, when not used for relaxation, is devoted to rebuilding addicts’ lives. While enrolled in a residential alcohol rehab program, addicts work with trained professionals who provide them with the tools necessary to construct a healthy and attainable life plan.

The residential alcohol rehab programs that we recommend are all natural and do not require patients to take medications. After completing a holistic residential alcohol treatment program, you or your loved one will enjoy:

  • A trusted community of support that will follow up with outpatient treatment
  • More confidence and a realistic healthy life plan
  • No new addiction to medications

Duration of Alcohol Residential Treatment Programs

Since our trained professional placement counselors make suggestions only after careful consideration of the individual’s circumstances, the duration of residential alcohol treatment for one patient may not match that of another patient’s. Nevertheless, you can expect the average residential alcohol rehab program to take between three and six months. Full recovery is a long process, but it’s even longerΓÇöand potentially impossibleΓÇöif you or your loved one attempt to recover alone.

When you complete the form at our website or call our drug program placement counselors, indicate your interest in residential alcohol treatment programs. If you have any questions about whether or not residential alcohol rehab would suit you or your loved one, feel free to ask. We base our recommendations on an addict’s individual needs, so we want you to be happy with the program we recommend.

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