Ketamine Rehabilitation Treatment Options

While you may not hear about ketamine rehabilitation as often as you do other drugs, the need for it remains prevalent in the United States today. Most often used in veterinary offices for pet surgery, ketamine offers a short-acting, dissociative high in humans that also causes them to hallucinate. Ketamine is highly addictive, with dangerous side effects ranging from slurred speech and numbness to increased heart rate and potentially fatal respiratory problems when taken in high enough doses.
If you or someone you know needs treatment for ketamine addiction, the placement counselors at are available to help.

What is

Established in 2002 as part of a nonprofit campaign to help those in need of alcohol or drug addiction treatment, including ketamine rehab, we provide referrals to treatment centers and other addiction professionals, such as intervention specialists. We do this by interviewing the addict, or the loved one of an addict, to determine addiction history, severity and other addiction-related factors. We then use this information to determine which ketamine treatment center will provide the best possible chance for recovery. Our services cost the addict or loved one nothing to use, and we keep all information gathered during the referral process strictly confidential.

Contact Us Regarding Ketamine Rehab Options

We have spent close to a decade building and maintaining our database of treatment centers and addiction professionals, giving us the ability to find the best matches between patients and ketamine treatments. You can call to speak with one of our placement counselors, or, if you prefer, you can submit a request for callback via the contact form on this page. Simply provide your name, email address, phone number and a message, and one of our placement counselors will initiate contact by phone at a time convenient for you.


Not only do we provide referrals for ketamine rehabilitation through our website, we also include extensive information about the drug and addiction to it. On our ketamine rehab page, we provide further definition and place ketamine use into context within the United States. For example, we alert loved ones to the fact that ketamine is a popular drug within the rave scene, allowing those with teenage children to understand how the addict may have first come into contact with the drug. We also list its street names: Special K, Ketalar, Ketaject, Ketaset, Super-K, K, Ket Kat, Cat Valium and Vitamin K. A brief history of ketamine can also be found on our page devoted to ketamine addiction and treatment for ketamine.
We have learned over our many years providing referrals that educating the addict and/or his loved ones helps make taking that first step toward ketamine rehabilitation much easier. In addition to providing these referrals, our placement counselors are available to answer any questions you may have about ketamine rehab and the addiction involved. Be sure to check out our many success stories as well, as they may provide the inspiration needed for you to take the next step toward recovery.