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Using Health Insurance to Cover the Cost of Drug Rehab.

Many people living in the United States want a great program for their loved one, but it can be very costly. This can discourage people from entering treatment. However, most health insurance policies do cover substance abuse treatment. We know that you probably haven’t read your insurance policy cover-to-cover. Who has time for that?

Insurance companies are for-profit corporations who are motivated to make money. They won’t be doing everything possible to help you find a program that might be expensive for them to pay claims on. They may suggest a local outpatient program when you really need a residential treatment center.

We strongly believe that if someone is paying their insurance premiums, they are entitled to all that their insurance plan can offer them. Too many people are not entering treatment because they don’t understand their options. Let us help you!

When we get your information, we will process it and then call you back to explain your benefits. We have to call the insurance company and wait on hold to check benefits just like you would, so please allow time for a return call, usually 1-2 hours during business hours.

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