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A heroin addict will tell you that shooting up the drug makes him feel good. He may also admit to the heavy feeling, the nausea and vomiting, and the severe itching. Odds are, though, he won’t admit heroin might kill him unless he is ready to seek treatment at one of the many heroin treatment centers available around the country. If you are an addict who has come to this realization, or the loved one of such an addict, can help.

We are a nonprofit drug and alcohol rehab referral service that costs you nothing to use to find most successful heroin rehab options available for yourself or a loved one.

Directory of Heroin Rehab Centers

We have created and continue to maintain a database of more than 3,000 centers and resources for heroin treatments. We conduct a brief interview to determine which heroin treatment center best matches your situation or the situation of your loved one. We discuss addiction history and severity, finances and desired location for heroin rehab. Some addicts prefer to remove themselves from familiar surroundings in order to heal, while others find that having loved ones nearby provides much-needed support. Once the interview with one of our placement counselors is complete, we can recommend the right treatment for heroin addiction for you or your loved one’s particular situation.

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We are available by phone to provide referrals and answer any questions you or your loved one may have about heroin addiction help. You can call to speak immediately with one of our caring placement counselors. You can also request that one of our placement counselors contact you or your loved one by submitting your name, email address and phone number via the online form on this page. We keep all information gathered on our website and by phone strictly confidential.

Additional Resources

In addition to providing referrals for heroin rehab centers, we post resources on our website to help the addict or a loved one better understand the addition and rehab heroin treatment. In the area dedicated to heroin and heroin treatment centers, we fully define the drug and the effects it has on the body, both long-term and short-term. We also discuss heroin statistics and trends, so that the addict or his loved ones will see that he is not alone in his struggle to defeat the deadly drug. We also include links to articles about addiction in general, such as information about how to use an intervention specialist in partnership with one of the many heroin clinics, if necessary.

About Us

At, we have nearly a decade of experience providing referrals for and placement in the best addiction treatment centers in the country. Heroin treatment centers and their programs are not all the same. Some may provide a setting that proves a better match for you or your loved one than another, while one particular program may be a better fit because of specific features. Our experience within the treatment-center industry allows us to take the directory of available heroin rehab centers and narrow it down to a handful of options from which you or your loved one can choose.